Horizon Healthcare Solutions

Horizon Healthcare Solution (HHS) is an International nursing and healthcare consultancy firm.


We have expertise in the following areas.

·      Hospital commissioning

·      Nursing Documentation

·      Nursing practice

·      Nursing staffing

·      Competency-based assessment

·      Infection control

·      Nursing education

·      Accreditation

·      Expert in the startup of a Hospital particularly in the operating room and ambulatory health care set up.

·      JCIA training


We provide state of art advisory and services in the field of Nursing and Hospital Consultancy. Client satisfaction is one of primary importance for HHS and it is our motto that HHS will always work beyond your expectations. We ensure that we go with an extra mile to deliver excellence in every aspect of a business that we produce for our client. We assess client's needs quickly, recommend the best options and working in harmony with their key management teams and design and implement customized solutions for them.


HHS provides the consultation on below-mentioned services:

  • Provide assistance in developing hospital strategic plan
  • Provide consultation services to healthcare institutions, to improve the standards of nursing care and working with the healthcare team to achieve accreditation.
  • Develop and monitor staff competency for different categories of staff including healthcare safety competencies.
  • Provides assistance in designing and construction of the hospital from the first day of the hospital keeping in mind with the JCIA accreditation international standards. The structural requirements of international quality accrediting bodies such as the Joint Commission International which includes the safe physical environment for the people inside the hospital, both the patients and the staff.
  • Define Key Performance Indicators of the nursing department and monitor the indicators, including quality, safety, financial, operations, against the benchmark.
  • Assist in developing and maintains operating and capital budgets
  • Device an Efficient operation and Patient services which can promote cost-efficiency in the context of the hospital and other integrated services.
  • Define Systems and Procedures which are well-coordinated and integrated Compliant with statutory and regulatory requirements for hospitals and health facilities.
  • Provide Consultation on HR Solutions for Nursing, Paramedical and Other Staff and calculate the staffing according to the department need and the process of the department in a scientific manner. 
  • Formulate patient incidence and complains program with quality department Help in investigating through root cause analysis and timely corrective actions.
  • Provide services for equipping Nursing Wards selection and acquisition of medical equipment’s and provide the technical aspect of equipment that helps the client in selecting the cost-effective equipment with back up support.
  • Organize nursing divisions’ Quality management system (which includes infection control and implementing and monitoring nursing practices and infection control standards).
  • Provides the most complex, technical consultation in the evaluation, analysis, and interpretation of quality improvement data, monitoring procedures, audit tools, and submit reports for further improvement.
  • Assist Client in formulating policies, procedures, protocols to regulate the effective healthcare system for design, commissioning, management, operation safety & quality aspects.
  • Identify areas of non-conformities and non-compliance. Recommend strategies to resolve those issues.
  • Reviews and suggests changes in nursing organization and administrative procedures.
  • Aids schools of Nursing and Nursing Education Services (NES), in planning nursing curriculums and hospital nursing services in developing and carrying out staff education programs.
  • Assist in developing guidelines and manuals for specific aspects of nursing and hospital services
  • Assist in developing a recruitment plan for nursing at the new tertiary care hospital.
  • Customize client’s need based on hospital needs analysis through the need assessment tool, survey clients and key stakeholders’ interviews.
  • Streamline health care systems utilizing Continuous Quality Improvement CQI/PDCA, JCIA standards and lean systems.
  • Developing departmental policies and Quality Standards and Implementing and monitoring continuities. Reviews and suggests changes in nursing organization and administrative procedures.
  • Provide modules and give training for specialized nursing care, soft skills and management skills which will prepare the employee for the next career level. Provide training for the gap analysis for JCI, ISO Standards and occupational health and safety.


 Performance Improvement Projects (some of them are mentioned below)


  • Participated in developing the nursing model of care, NMC Abu Dhabi UAE
  • Participated in Mystery Review, and evaluate the department’s efficiency.
  • Develop module for mystery shopping and improve the patient satisfaction rating from 2.6 to 4.9 out of 5 at NMC Abu Dhabi UAE
  • Assist in obtaining JCIA at AKUH, Worked as Co-Chair Person for two chapters of JCIA
  • Create intentional patient rounding hourly checklist to ensure regular patient and nursing staff contact at NMC Abu Dhabi UAE
  • Developed purposeful rounding checklist for nursing incharges, supervisor and prepare the nursing incharges for the same.
  • Worked for new ambulatory building feasibility. Visited 10 best ambulatory care in America and Canada including John Hopkins and Mayo Clinic.
  • Initiate follow-up phone calls, to assess post-op patient condition and resolve their issues.
  • Cost efficient projects include work on packages, reusable items charges and policies, and slow-moving items. AKUH and NMC
  • Unit-level quality scorecards for monitoring nurse-sensitive and operating room indicators were developed and monitored AKUH, NMC.
  • SBAR (Situation-Background-Assessment-Recommendation) is used to improve hand-off communication and develop new tools. NMC.
  • Presented the project on Uniformity of critical care system definition at AKUH.
  • Worked on reducing the cost of supplies and make urology and orthopaedic packages.
  • Develop internal medication tool to capture the medication error. NMC MBZ AUH
  • Improve on major system e.g. Medical records, IT system, delays and waiting time.
  • Improvement in Services of Surgery, OR, Cardiac Services, Oncology includes utilization and quality of services. Utilization increases to more than 30% AKUH, NMC MBZ, AUH
  • Reduce the cost of equipment, Instrument, Medical-surgical supplies, overheads and staff without compromising the cost. AKUH
  • Offered nursing assistant course at MMI.
  • Worked on lean and reduces waste in the systems. AKUH
  • Reduce infections in surgeries. AKUH
  • Improve patient satisfaction from 79% to 99% in day surgery patients at AKUH


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