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If you are looking for MEDICAL EQUIPMENT & AND SUPPLIES on RENTALS you have come to the right place. From walker to CPAP, wheelchairs to crutches, patient lifts to hospital beds and beyond… no matter what equipment you need… we will arrange it for rent at VISION Home Healthcare…


Your one-stop shop for medical supply rentals…

Whether you are looking to rent

  • Because for a short-term physical setback, or
  • Because it just makes sense for your budget or schedule,


We have got weekly and monthly rental plans that are sure to suit your needs.                


  • Air Mattress

  • B. P. Apparatus

  • Bi-PAP/ CPAP

  • Dialysis Unit

  • Fetal Doppler

  • Nebulizer Compressor

  • Oxygen Cylinder

  • Oxygen Generator

  • Patient (Hospital) Bed

  • Patient Monitor

  • Phototherapy Lights

  • PSO2 ventilator

  • Pulse Oximeter

  • Suction Machine

  • Wheel Chairs    



It is seen that many patients find difficult o to comply with their Medical Equipment and tend to avoid using their devices. It is advised to take such devices ON RENT first and then make a decision to purchase it.


WHY BUY,  RENT from VISION Home Healthcare?

We are the only home healthcare ‘rental’ company who

  • has ‘qualified’ and ‘experienced’ Bio-Medical Engineers to install equipment and to train patients and their attendants at their doorstep.
  • has DECONTAMINATION process for all used equipment before renting out to any other patient/home
  • offers RtB option


Just contact us at 021 34305050 or at


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