SiliaChrom®- HPLC Columns


SiliCycle manufactures a variety of HPLC columns for reversed and normal phases applications. The SiliaChrom series contain more than 20 different phases produced in our own laboratories, and we continue to develop additional unique and powerful HPLC columns. In fact, you can be completely assured of the quality, from raw material synthesis through packing, testing and customer applications.SiliaChrom HPLC columns are made of highly pure spherical particles. One of the most remarkable properties of every SiliaChrom column is that all types of organic compounds (acidic, basic and neutral) will have optimal peak symmetry with excellent efficiency across the whole applicable pH range. Lot-to-lot reproducibility is ensured by a stable bonding and endcapping process. All columns are packed using a consistent slurry packing process to achieve uniform and stable bed for maximum column efficiency, long lifetime and column-to-column reproducibility.

SiliaFlash®- Bulk Irregular Silica Gels for Preparative Chromatography


SiliaFlash is a very high purity silica gel with tight particle size distribution. The particle size of the standard 40-63 microns flash chromatography product (SiliaFlash F60) compares favorably with the overall industry average of 35-75 microns. This ensures more uniform flash column or cartridge packing for higher resolutions and better separations.

SiliaCat® (Heterogeneous Catalysts)


SiliaCat® is the new heterogeneous catalysts family from Silicycle. It is made by using an innovative technology that confers these materials advantageous properties for catalysis.SiliaCat is an organically modified silica made by a proprietary encapsulation process resulting in a new chemical matrix structure.

SiliaPlate- TLC Plates


Optimize your separation conditions by using the same silica gel as in your flash columns or cartridges. Maximize your benefits by using SiliaPlate Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) plates coated with a layer of SiliaFlash silica gel to determine the best media and solvent system. With an extra hard layer that ensures that the plates don’t loose silica on rubbing and heating, you’ll benefit from the consistent thickness ensuring consistent lot-to-lot reproducibility.


Bags and Kits for Sampling (Delta Lab)


Sterile Homogeniser full Size Filter Bag
Bags incorporate a full size filter dividing them into two identical
pouches. Insert the sample in one compartment. After sample process,
solid particles remain in their original compartment while
liquid has filtered into the second compartment, thus allowing a
convenient liquid pipetting. Bag capacity: 2,000 ml. Sterilised by
irradiation. Graduated.

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