Spiral platers ( Inter Science)


- High-tech features and traceability

The new easySpiral® Pro patented technology allows the automatic plating of your sample on a Petri dish in only 25 seconds with a decreasing concentration replacing up to 4 necessary dilutions with a sensitivity from 30 to 10 million CFU/ml. easySpiral® is equipped with an unique cleaning device with a guarantee of perfect disinfection of the stylus and no risk of cross-contamination. easySpiral® Pro ensures traceability of the analyses and USB programming of the volumes to plate. 

What are Spiral®’s advantages ? 

- They are numerous: 

- It is a repeatable and reproducible method that performs all the dilutions on one Petri dish (compared to the three -minimum- that are necessary with the manual method). 

- The sensitivity goes from 30 to 10 million CFU / ml on a Petri dish without prior to sample dilution (4 Petri dishes are needed in the manual method). 

- It is an automatic method (intaking, plating, disinfection and cleaning) which makes these operations economical in consumables, time and space, and ecological. 

- No cross-contamination, regularity and standardization, it is a time and consumables saving process.

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